Our fees: How does BRXS make money?

Our fees are simple and transparent:

Remember, opening and having a BRXS account is FREE. So where do we make money?

Transaction fee: When selling your investment a 1% transaction fee is applied. The transaction fee also applies when you sell your investment back to BRXS or when the property is sold and all proceeds are transferred to investors.

Offering fee: We charge an offering fee per property that is included in the initial investment amount. This helps us to cover costs related to acquiring the property, including sourcing, negotiations, administration, setup, managing any renovations needed, and the costs associated with financing or holding the property while we prepare it for investments. This fee can vary per property and is transparently displayed in the financial information section of the property details page.

Management fees: We charge a management fee (average 6-8% of gross rent) that is automatically deducted from the rental income prior to distribution to all investors.This helps us to cover everything that comes with managing properties (such as, overseeing maintenance, finding and selecting tenants, supporting tenants, accounting, insurances, tax filings, etc.). You can see the detailed fee in the financial information on the property details page and also on all your quarterly property statements. If there is a period of no rental income, there will be no fee by BRXS.

All estimated returns displayed on the platform are always net, meaning that all BRXS fees have been included. No hidden surprises!
Updated on:
January 9, 2023
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