How can I sell my investment in a BRXS property?

At BRXS we strive to provide investors the opportunity to build wealth through real estate. Historically, real estate returns have been maximised when treated as a long-term investment over multiple years. Now we understand that your circumstances can change and require liquidity. In that case, you can  sell us back your investment in a BRXS property.

Please send an email to to request a sell order for a specific investment.

We will buy your investment at the current market value minus a 1% transaction fee. In the twelve months immediately following an initial offering, a property’s market value is deemed equal to the original purchase price. Afterward, the property’s market value is determined by a licensed third-party appraisal, performed on a yearly basis. Approval of BRXS is required for all sales and in certain extraordinary conditions, BRXS can postpone the sell order.

When you invest, like most of our investors, for the long term, then you will receive all net proceeds (including value appreciation) when the property is sold (estimated time horizon: 7-10 years).
Updated on:
February 17, 2023
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