Raising capital, made easy

Raising equity capital from institutional investors can be tough, inaccessible, time-consuming, and expensive. It's time to change the game, BRXS helps you raise equity funding in the easiest way, so you can focus on what truly matters.
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Get ahead of the game

Open real estate to Retail investors and get access to a new pool of capital

Raise smarter capital

Get fast and trusted access to Equity financing. Reduce your capital raising efforts and spending.

Maintain control

Unlike institutional capital, Brxs takes a passive position on the investment. Maintain control and management over your assets.

A partner for the long term

Brxs is your long term partner for scale. We want to support your current and future projects.

Allow your LPs to exit

Give your existing Limited Partners access to liquidity, by selling their equity stake to Brxs.

Get the most out of your money

Don’t put all of the eggs in one basket, spread your funds through multiple projects.

Increase Demand

Get direct access to thousands of Retail Investors.

You can raise from €100k to €1M, up to within 4 weeks, and access to thousands of investors.

How it works

Raising Equity capital with BRXS is very simple, see how the process works:


Get in touch

Share your information, and financing needs

Deal screening

Talk to our team about the investment details. We will analyze and evaluate the proposal in just a couple of days

Brxs invests the capital upfront

If the investment fits Brxs’ criteria, we will proceed with the legal details and transfer of the capital

Brxs share is fractionalized and posted on the marketplace

Once the capital has been deployed, Brxs will fractionalize its share and post it in the platform so our users can participate in the investment

Continuous support

Brxs operates as a close partner for the long term. We want to keep supporting your future transactions/investments

Interested? Get in touch with us

Start raising capital with BRXS, quickly and hassle-free.
Start raising capital with BRXS
Our investment requirements

To jumpstart our partnership, here is a run-through of our requirements to raise capital:

Asset operating for at least 12 months

Clear business plan

Investment with core-plus or value-add focus

Partner with at least 5% of Equity remaining

Partner with at least 2 years of previous operations

Registered in the EU