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Build your future. Invest in rental properties from €100, receive quarterly interest payments from rental income and benefit from appreciation.
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Why choose BRXS?

No need for lots of cash to get started nor dealing with the hurdles of being a landlord. BRXS makes real estate accessible, allowing you to build and diversify your investment portfolio.

Earn passive income & appreciation

Enjoy the benefits of real estate such as rental income and potential appreciation on the long term.

Easy access to real estate

Start building your real estate portfolio while we take care of the sourcing, management, and maintenance.

Easily sell when needed

Real estate investing achieves the best returns on the long term, but you can easily sell us back your investment when you want.

Diversify your portfolio

Invest in a historically proven asset with low volatility and correlation to other investments (ETFs, stocks, crypto, etc.)

We are on a mission to make real estate investing accessible to everyone.

Investing with BRXS is easy as 1, 2, 3…


Discover all the properties and investment opportunities on our platform.


Select the properties you want to invest in and start building your portfolio, in less than 2 minutes.


Receive quarterly payments and benefit from potential appreciation. Easily sell your investment when you want.

Average rental yield
Frequently Asked Questions

Let's answer some of your questions.

What returns can I expect?

The return on your investment consists of net rental income (paid out every quarter) and potential property appreciation on the long term. On each property page, you can find all financial information and a calculator to get a better view on the expected returns. Read more

Legally, how does it work?

When buying a BRXS-note in a property, you are buying a bond that gives you the right to receive quarterly interest and the repayment of your initial investment amount minus BRXS fees. These payouts are dependent on the performance of the property and will comprise of:

• Net rental income generated by the property, which is the total rental income minus costs such as maintenance, city taxes, insurance and mortgage payments.

• Property value appreciation so you will receive part of the potential gains made from the increase in the property’s value when the property is sold.

How can I sell my investment in a BRXS property?

You can easily sell us back your investment at any time. Read more

Is BRXS accredited by AFM?

Currently, BRXS does not fall under the supervision of the AFM and is fully compliant with all legal requirements for the prospectus exemption. BRXS issues a full information document per investment property that is shared with AFM and always operates in full transparency with all of its investors. BRXS intends to apply for a full AFM license (AIFMD) by end of 2022 as it extends its activities.

How does BRXS make money?

Opening and holding a BRXS account is free. BRXS makes money through an offering fee per investment property that is included in the investment amount, a property management fee that is automatically deducted from the gross rental income and a transaction fee when buying/selling notes. All estimated returns that are shown on the platform are net, after all BRXS fees. Read More

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Stories from our customers

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I am an experienced investor mostly investing in index funds and REITs, to me BRXS is a fun and innovative way of offering real estate investment. With BRXS you get to see the pictures, you see the neighbourhood, and you can pick exactly the apartments to invest in that you think will give you the best results.


Love the BRXS platform! I never invested in real estate before because the prices are too high. With BRXS, I can invest even with a small amount each month.


I use BRXS as an alternative to investing in the stock market. It's good to be diversified especially given the current stock market volatility and real estate prices trend.


Read before investing

At BRXS, we’re always open and transparent about risk. All investors, especially new investors, should take the time to carefully consider all investment opportunities, and remain careful when taking on risk. As with all investing, you can loose your investment. Only invest with money that you can afford to lose.
Read more about the risks
Learn your way

Financial education is key in making financial choices. That’s why we provide you with all the necessary information to invest wisely.

What is investing?

Learn what investing is, what different types there are and why it should matter to you.

Why invest in real estate?

Learn how real estate compares to other types of investments and how it can help you diversify your portfolio.

How to invest in real estate?

Learn about the different ways to invest in real estate and where BRXS fits in.

How to get started with BRXS?

Help, I am new to BRXS! So here we cover what you can do with BRXS and how you get started?

BRXS Financial Heath Week
Discover how to make the most out of your holiday pay. Learn more