We are on a mission to make real estate investing accessible to everyone

We are on a
mission : real estate
investing made accessible for

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Brxs founders - Amrita ramsaransing


We started Brxs to make real estate investing more accessible and affordable for everyone, so that everyone has the opportunity to build their financial future on their own terms.

Nearly everyone that has thought about investing their money comes across this brilliant advice at some point: "Hey, you should really think about buying a property and renting it out to someone!". And it makes sense - besides the stable and frequent rental income, you also take advantage of the potential increase in property value over time.
We wanted to do the same with our savings for many year but we struggled hard and never got anywhere:

  • You need quite a lot of money for acquiring attractive properties
  • It takes months and navigating a complex buying process with many stakeholders
  • It requires energy and time to manage these properties

We weren’t just going to accept that the Real Estate is not for us, so we started Brxs!

Our Commitment

We started Brxs from a feeling of unfairness in the real estate market, and we understand that the housing market of today isn’t easy and fair for everyone, so we commit:

  • To provide everyone the opportunity to participate in real estate. Even if you are a renter today, why not start building wealth in real estate already.
  • To not compete with starters and young families buying their first home by only focusing on existing rental properties.
  • Offering fair rent, good service and a beautiful home to the renters of Brxs properties.

On our platform, everyone can learn about real estate, discuss and discover opportunities with other members, invest with their friends and get helpful insights. A perfect harmony of social and sustainability.
This is only the beginning, we are working towards a future where all aspects of real estate investing is accessible for everyone!

Investing in investment properties with little money with
The BRXS team - early days

Meet the Team

Our story began in 2021 with co-founders Amrita and Filip, long-term colleagues at Uber, who wanted to change the status quo in real estate and make it more accessible to everyone. Since they have built a strong team of like-minded people with diverse backgrounds and experiences that want to transform the future of real estate. At Brxs, we strongly believe in building a platform where everyone feels represented and welcome; and this starts with our team that reflects the diversity of our community in all ways.

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